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Oren Levin-Waldman

Metropolitan College of New York


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Metropolitan College of New York
Oren Levin-Waldman is a professor of public policy and administration at Metropolitan College of New York. He is a longtime Labor and Employment Relations Association member.

Levin-Waldman's areas of research and expertise are wage policy, income inequality, minimum wage studies, labor market demographics and the urban labor market. His most-recent book is Wage Policy, Income Distribution and Democratic Theory (Routledge 2011). This book goes to the heart of what it means to talk about equality in a society with a grossly unequal income distribution. Based on analysis of 46 years of Census data, Levin-Waldman argues that a serious wage policy would indeed bolster the middle class and in so doing lessen income inequality. Moving beyond the wage policy work, Dr. Levin-Waldman is currently looking at two critical issues: whether 1) a wage policy might lead to greater civic participation because it would in Amartya Sen’s frame of reference add to individual capabilities, and 2) it might form the basis of a credible basis for job creation.

Levin-Waldman is also author of The Political Economy of the Living Wage: A Study of Four Cities (M.E. Sharpe 2005); The Case of the Minimum Wage: Competing Policy Models (SUNY Press 2001); Reconceiving Liberalism: Dilemmas of Contemporary Liberal Public Policy (University of Pittsburgh Press 1996); and Plant Closure, Regulation, and Liberalism: The Limits to Liberal Public Philosophy (University Press of America 1992)

Levin-Waldman earned his M.A. in urban studies and his doctorate in political science both from Temple University.

Topic Areas
  • Labor Force Demographics/Supply
  • Social Insurance
  • Unemployment Jobs Deficit/Growth
  • Wages/Compensation
  • Work/Family Policy
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